Dark Souls 2: Two Mods Are Coming That Improve the Textures and the Lighting


The fantasy universe of Dark Souls 2 continues to inspire fans of the soulslike series from From Software, as shown by the projects carried out by two amateur developers to improve their graphics on PC.

The fan of Dark Souls 2 known in the scene with the nickname of “Save Smokey” has used a specific tool for modders with the aim of replacing over 6000 textures of the settings, but also of the polygonal models of the character, of the enemies, of the weapons and equipment.

In the comparative image gallery that you find at the bottom of the news, the modder offers us a small example of the work carried out in the modification of the original textures: in some cases, the author seems to have limited himself to increasing its resolution through one of the ever more famous AI software Neural , while in others he decided to completely replace the initial textures with personalized images that, while moving away from the initial artistic vision of From Software, contribute if nothing else to infusing originality into the soulslike dimension of the title.

Still, with regard to the graphics of Dark Souls 2 we then have the work of StaydMcMuffin, a programmer specialized in creating mods for environmental lighting. Approaching the colossal realistic action of 2014, the author has well thought of referring to the E3 2013 presentation video, choosing to rewrite the lighting system from scratch to make it more consistent with the dark tones of the reveal trailer.

The Save Smokey project is already available and can be downloaded for free from the NexusMods pages, while as far as the StaydMcMuffin mod is concerned, the works are not yet finished but, apparently, they will be soon.