Days Gone, Not Just New Challenges: Details on the New 1.40 Patch

Days Gone Continues to Fly: It Is the Most Sold PS4 Game in Italy

Bend Studio has made available notes relating to Patch 1.40 of Days Gone, with which various modifications and novelties have been introduced within the game.

The update, as we have already reported, has introduced the new weekly challenge and new stickers for the bike, but not only. The development team, through Reddit, offered all the details on the features of the update. The latter introduced support for the next, and final, three free DLC challenges. The challenges 10, 11 and 12 will be activated respectively on 30 August, 6 September, and 13 September.

Furthermore, the Patch 1.40 has made available some interesting features, including support for the ” Motion Sensor Function Aiming “. Thanks to the latter, it is now possible to make some precision modifications to the aim, simply by moving the Dualshock 4. To use the function, it will be necessary to activate it, since by default it will be set to “0”. Manually, you can adjust the sensitivity through a scale of one to ten. Furthermore, at Easy difficulty level, it is now possible to activate a Quick Time Event support function. Activating it, the game will automatically complete these sections without the player needing to actually press any buttons. Finally, the Patch 1.40 of Days Gone has solved some problems previously encountered within the title.