Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: The Car Driving Will Not Be Limited to the Driving License Episode


To the delight of all the fans, in recent days Bandai Namco Entertainment has announced that the action RPG Dragon Ball Z Kakarot will also include the saga of the Androids and of Cell, in addition to less important moments in the economy of history as the hilarious episode filler that saw Son Goku and Piccolo struggling with the examination of the license.

In an interview granted to Twinfinite colleagues during Gamescom 2019, game producer Ryosuke Hara explained that the team did not really consider that episode as a filler. Their intention is to put players down in Goku’s life, which is not just about fighting. Once the license is obtained, they can also drive the car around the game world, even if it won’t be that fast: flying will save you a lot of time!

In any case, Hara-san has revealed that there will be specific activities in which players will be asked to use the car. “We are working on things that will require the use of a car”, he limited himself to reporting the manufacturer, unfortunately not disclosing other information. The use of the car will therefore not be limited to that episode or an end in itself, but will also be extended to other activities, probably secondary missions or mini-games.

We look forward to hearing more. The title, we recall, will be published on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC at the beginning of 2020.