Grand Theft Auto: The GTA Series Abandons GeForce Now, Will It Arrive on Google Stadia?

Grand Theft Auto

While on the net continues to ignite the debate on the latest GTA 6 leaks for PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, Rockstar Games leaders make a surprise move and decide to remove the entire Grand Theft Auto series from GeForce NOW’s in-game streaming service.

The news of GTA’s epic action-free roaming disappearance from Nvidia’s videogame streaming service was given by the attentive members of the GTA 5 community on the ResetEra forum and, as was to be expected, quickly went around the planet.

The choice made by the upper echelons of the Grande R, in fact, arrived without any warning, triggering the immediate reaction of those who, relying on GeForce NOW software to connect in streaming to their favorite videogame client, usually played GTA 5 and the others Grand Theft Auto series titles using Nvidia’s cloud infrastructure .

The unexpected decision taken by Rockstar Games has thus fueled once again the rumors concerning the future passage of the GTA series on Google Stadia, as the boss of the Stadia project Phil Harrison suggested at the announcement of the participation of Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive to the new in-game streaming platform of the Mountain View home. In the agreement sanctioned by Rockstar and Google, according to other rumors that emerged online in recent months, it could also include the arrival on Stadia of the PC version chat of Red Dead Redemption 2.