Leak of Apex Legends: The Dataminers Reveal the “Gunner Skills” of Rampart


While the authors of Respawn apologize for the insults to the players of Apex Legends, the scene of EA’s battle royale data miner continues to browse through the most hidden pages of the game code to discover new clues about the upcoming Legends: this time it’s the turn of Rampart and his “Gunner skills”.

Similarly to what happened with the Blackout Stealth Legend and Nomad leaks with its crafting skills, once again the Apex Legends data miner take advantage of the oversights of Californian programmers to reveal a whole range of information on the powers, equipment, and capabilities of the ‘ unprecedented character in Rampart.

The new Legend of Apex Legends is described as a hero able to offer broad support to his team through the construction of Amped covers able to absorb an enormous quantity of damage points. According to the data miner, Rampart would be able to place a machine gun with heavy ammunition usable by any character on the Kings Canyon map and, of course, by himself and the other members of his team.

All the structures created by Rampart, moreover, should be repaired by acquiring a special key placed in the coffers of the map but which, as an alternative, can be obtained by knocking down the enemies with melee attacks. Among the passive skills of Rampart is also mentioned the possibility of increasing the damage of the weapon by shooting the Amped cover from behind and the ability to load faster the equipped LMG machine guns. What do you think about Rampart’s abilities and powers? Let us know with a comment.