PS5 and Xbox Scarlett: Better to Have Gpu With so Much Memory Than the SSD, According to a Developer


During an interview with Gaming Bolt by Lucas Rowe, the author of Sparklite expressed skepticism about the strategy based on the hyper-fast SSD that seems to have been adopted by Microsoft and, above all, by Sony to give shape to the Xbox hardware. Scarlett and PS5.

According to the developer of Red Blue Games currently involved in the Sparklite action-adventure presented by Nintendo during Gamescom 2019, in fact, the considerations on the SSD of the next-gen consoles should be only a secondary factor of the hardware of the future Sony gaming systems and Microsoft.

In fact, Rowe states that “having fast access to the data on the hard disk will be a useful tool to have during development, but at the moment we do not depend much on the hard disk because we can store and manage those same data drawing from time to time on the memory graphics of the GPU “ . According to the Sparklite author, therefore, having video cards with more graphics memory available should be one of the “real” keys to success for PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

The presence of an extremely fast hard drive, as should be the latest generation SSDsadopted by Sony and Microsoft for the consoles that will succeed PS4 and Xbox One, “will offer additional performance in loading times which, I am sure, will be appreciated by users final”, but he admits Rowe himself looking at the future of these two platforms. Speaking of next-gen, have you seen 3D renderings of the PS5 Dev Kit recently leaked from Sony’s patents?