The NBA 2K Developers Working on a Vehicle-Based Open World: Midnight Club?

Midnight Club

Visual Concepts, the development studio responsible for the NBA 2K series and – along with Yuke’s – WWE 2K, are ready to expand and have launched new job ads. The sought after figures, in particular, are a Level Designer, a World Designer, a Props Artist, and a Software Engineer.

To draw our attention was the description attached to the announcement for the level designer, as it includes a very important clue on the title that would seem to be currently in development at the software house studios. A specific reference is made to a “new and exciting open world project based on vehicles”. The hired developer will have to take care of creating ” exciting missions and events “ in the various areas of the map, working closely with engineers, artists, and other designers. Few clues, but enough to give us an idea about the type of game. Whether it’s Midnight Club? The saga, absent from the scenes for quite some time, corresponds to the description and is owned by 2K.

The title in question, since it was never announced, would still be in the early stages of development. As often happens with budding projects, moreover, it could undergo changes or even cancellation, so we advise you to wait for official information before letting your imagination soar.

The guys from Visual Concepts, meanwhile, are working on NBA 2K20, expected on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch for September 6, 2019. Waiting for the release, you can test the free NBA 2K20 demo on the console .