Cliff Bleszinski Argues With the 4chan Hackers for the Failure of Radical Heights

Cliff Bleszinski

From the pages of his official Twitter profile, the volcanic Cliff Bleszinski discussed the failure of Radical Heights accusing the 4chan managers of having allowed the cheater community of his multiplayer shooter to bury the hopes of the project and favor its closure.

In a fruitful exchange of ideas with his fans, the father of Gears of War explained that “the amusing fact of that game is that a fan sent me images with 4chan screens that testified to the activities carried out by a group of hackers to take revenge on me ruining Radical Heights, which contributed to the decline of the player base due to the cheats “ .

Without detracting from the genius of CliffyB or even less his thesis involving cheaters and the controversial forum of 4chan, it is, however, worth remembering that the Radical Heights project has never been able to attract a significant number of users, not even in his moment of maximum media visibility. In spite of the promises and hopes that accompanied the official opening of the servers in April 2018, the battle royale of the now-closed Boss Key Productions made its debut at number 32 of the most played titles of Steam, recording a maximum peak of only 8,500 players connected simultaneously.

In recent days, Cliff Bleszinski then publicly expressed his intention to return to the gaming industry to develop a new intellectual property which, especially after the meager results achieved with Radical Heights and Lawbreakers, would have nothing to do with battle royale.