Daemon X Machina: New Details on History and Mech Customization From the Official Site


The official website of Daemon X Machina officially opens its doors to illustrate the gameplay dynamics of the upcoming Marvelous action exclusively for Switch and unveil new details on the history of the first act of this ambitious intellectual property.

The official portal of Daemon X Machina outlines the outlines of the plot and describes the devastation brought to Earth by the impact with the Moon. After having “transformed the sky into a kaleidoscope of red lights”, the catastrophe that fell on humanity will fill the planet’s surface with a mysterious material that the survivors will call Femto: by touching this substance of extraterrestrial origin, humans will acquire strange powers.

Our aim will, therefore, be to use the Femto to put our skills at the service of the community threatened by corrupt machines (the Immortals ) that rage for the Earth. As external pilots, the task of Daemon X Machina users will be to build and customize their mechs with lots of customization elements between modular parts, weapons, and hyper-technological equipment.

The official site of the latest work by Kenichiro Tsukuda and the authors of Marvelous also offers important clarifications on the Hangar , the Hub where we will be able to access new missions from the secondary characters, control their own in-game progress, acquire upgrades and modify the mech according to their tastes and the needs of the battles to be faced. Without delay, we leave you at the link of the official Daemon X Machina website and we remind you that Tsukuda’s new mecha-based shooter will arrive exclusively on Nintendo Switch on September 13th.