Dragon Quest 11 for Switch: Demo Saves Can Be Imported Into the Game

Dragon Quest 11

Last week, at Gamescom 2019, Square Enix released the Dragon Quest XI Definitive Edition demo for Switchnow available for download from Nintendo eShop.

With a message on Twitter, it was clarified that the progress made in the trial version will be transferred to the full game as soon as it arrives in stores in late September. It is not clear if additional bonuses are provided for those who transfer a rescue, the only certainty at the moment is not to lose the progress achieved in the demo version.

Dragon Quest XI S Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch will be released on September 27th all over the world, this edition presents a technical section created ad hoc for the Nintendo platform, orchestral soundtrack, complete dubbing and small improvements to the gameplay compared to the PlayStation 4 and PC versions Windows. These new additions should make their appearance even in the editions just mentioned, it is not clear whether as a free upgrade or through paid DLC.

Dragon Quest 11 Echoes of a Lost Era has met with considerable success worldwide, especially in Japan, global sales have exceeded five million pieces, even exceeding publisher expectations in Western markets such as Europe and the United States.