Dreams: Presented in Video “Guardians”, a Cyberpunk Action Made by a Fan


The expert LittleBigPlanet level creator known as Disarmed presented the video of the Guardians project, a cyberpunk-like sci-fi action created with powerful tools accessible with the Dreams editor on PS4.

The author of this fan-made game in development in the Early Access version of Dreamsdescribes Guardians as a title capable of catapulting us into a futuristic dimension dominated by chaos and injustice.

The purpose of the adventure will in fact be to interpret the Guardians of a supranational police force called to restore legality to the peripheries of the megalopolis of the future, represented here as real free zones in which crime will take over. Both in terms of graphics and in terms of gameplay mechanics, Guardians promises to refer to the last chapters of the Deus Ex sci-fi series to offer us the opportunity to break the frantic pace of the shootings with stealth phases designed to make us freely explore the setting.

According to Disarmed, the division of the game world into macro-areas to be visited in each mission will allow its author to publish Guardians as a sort of adventure in episodes : the first chapter should arrive soon in the Dreams Universe, obviously in all free like all the other contents realized by the users of the title exclusively on PlayStation 4 recently voted as the best video game of Gamescom 2019.