Koei Tecmo will announce an Omega Force game on August 29th

Omega Force

Koei Tecmo announced that the new video game from the Omega Force studio will be unveiled on August 29 and meanwhile released a short teaser entitled “Wield the Power of the Gods Once More …”

According to some theories, the game in question could belong to the universe of the Warriors Orochi series, but it is not clear if it will be Warriors Orochi 5 or maybe a spin-off. Although not extremely popular in the West, the Warriors Orochi franchise has sold millions of copies in Japan on all major platforms, giving rise to reissues, remakes and remasters of all kinds.

The latest Omega Force game, Dynasty Warriors 9, did not have the commercial success hoped for, the studio tried to renew a game formula that was already stale but failed, as evidenced by negative reviews and sales below expectations.

Warriors Orochi 5 could represent a new beginning for the series or maybe the studio will continue with the now usual formula, the rest of the winning team does not change. We will know more on Thursday, August 29th.