Ninja Against Donald Trump: Fortnite and Minecraft Are Not Violent Games!

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US President Donald Trump has stood against video games, accusing the latter of being the main culprits of the new wave of violence among the very young that is spreading in the USA, taking as an example the shootings that took place recently in Ohio and Texas.

Donald Trump was clear: ” Violent video games are now widespread, we must stop the glorification of violence in our world at all costs. For young people, it is all too easy to be surrounded by a climate and a situation that praises violence and we must ensure that this risk is reduced. “

Statements that triggered the obvious reactions of the videogame community, including those of the Ninja streamer: ” What is violent in Minecraft? And in Fortnite? They are not more violent games than any classic cartoon like Tom & Jerry. Violence does not it depends on video games. It is so, there is no doubt. “

ESA (Electronic Software Association) also wanted to respond to Donald Trump: “Video games involve more than 165 million Americans and billions of people around the world. However, in other countries where video games are equally widespread, there is no such high rate of shootings and violence. Video games help to improve society, for example, we take games used as medical therapies or learning tools. “