Ninja and Other Fortnite Streamer Become “Funko Pop” Playable in AR

Fortnite Streamer Become

After rising to the headlines due to his move to Mixer, the 28-year-old Ninja, aka Richard Tyler Blevins, returns to be talked about because of an interesting new initiative that will surely make his fans happy. This time, the popular streamer becomes a playable character.

In fact, LAMO, a company that produces statuettes similar to the Funko Pop, has decided to create “action figures” from the Fortnite Ninja streamer, summit1g, LIRIK, TimTheTatman, and Dr. DisRespect, while trying to provide the buyer with an interactive experience as well. For this reason, the LAMO AR Vynil application allows Ninja fans and members to scan the QR Code present in the statuette sales package to play with their darling. There is also the possibility to perform a virtual unboxing of the “Funko Pop” and to use the 3D model associated with the streamer in an augmented reality environment.

Each streamer has unique powers, skins, and vehicles and can be used as a playable character within a sort of “beat’em up” for eight players. ” The Lamo figurines offer a value equal to or higher than their price in in-game video game content, which will be launched in alpha next week and will arrive in Early Access in September on Windows PCs,” a LAMO spokesman said. There also appears to be a console version, which may not require the purchase of products to play.