Playing With the Dualshock 4 in Reverse Is the Norm for a Japanese Gamer


The story of Shark__5214, a nickname chosen by a Japanese girl passionate about video games, is arousing a certain interest. The reason for so much fuss? The gamer regularly plays holding the DualShock 4 … on the contrary.

Shark__5214 started playing a few years ago holding the controller upside down and since then she has continued to use it this way, so much so that she was surprised when her friends pointed out the error. The gamer, in any case, has continued to use it in this way, by now accustomed to the position, for absurd by playing with this particular method of grip it has succeeded in achieving discreet in-game results, in particular on Fortnite, where its enterprises are rather followed in Japan.

Shark__5214’s latest video has reached seven million views on Twitter, catapulting the girl into the world of web celebrities, at least in Asia. In any case, it is not an absolute novelty, in the 90s many Asian players used to hold the controller on the side affixed to demonstrate their skill, this technique is known as AC Grip and was particularly popular in Japan at the time of Super Nintendo and then the first PlayStation.

And what do you think? Can you play with the controller in this position?