Pokemon Masters: Presented the Sygna Suit and Some Game Characters

Pokemon Masters: Presented the Sygna Suit and Some Game Characters

Only a few days are left to the publication of Pokemon Masters, an expected title for mobile platforms dedicated to the universe of Game Freak creatures.

To better prepare ourselves for the new adventures that videogamers will be waiting for on the Island of Pasio, the official Twitter account of the game has posted some interesting tweets on the social network. Two of these show us some of the new characters that will populate Pokemon Masters. Among these, we find Lear, a mysterious ” prince of an unknown country “. Following a defeat, to overcome his weakness, he was the one who built the Island of Pasio and organized the World Pokemon Masters. To support it, we find the characters of Sawyer / Ravi and Rachel / Chette. The former supports him as part of his staff, while the latter admires his dedication and seriousness.

The Sygna suits are instead protagonists of a second chirping. The latter shows us the character of Brock with different clothing than usual. As reported, ” this special outfit is unique to Pasio and allows coaches and their Pokemon to discover new possibilities “. It also appears that Brok’s Pokemon Partner in Sygna Suit is Tyranitar!

The preregistrations to Pokemon Masters have recently exceeded five million and by the time the game is released very little is missing. The launch date of Pokemon Masters it is set for August 29th.