Rainbow Six Siege: Ubisoft Montreal Explains Why Amaru and Goyo Will Have No New Weapons


The director of Ubisoft Montreal, Alexander Karpazis, explains from the columns of PCGamesN why he chose not to introduce new weapons for the debut of Operation Ember Rise, the new phase of Rainbow Six Siege that will start Season 3 and bring Amaru Operators and Goyo.

Discussing the lack of weapons among the gameplay novelties that will affect the start of the third season of R6S, Karpazis informs us that “the most important thing we do when we create new updates and think about weapons is to make sure they work with kits that we are planning for the Operators With Amaru, for example, we had to equip it with that rifle to give it away to breakthrough on its own using the grappling hook, while with Goyo we wanted to make sure that it had such great flexibility in the equipment so as to allow users to choose the desired role during the battle” .

The director of the Rainbow Six Siege project also reminds us that the title already has more than 90 weapons and that for this reason “we have a decreasing performance every time you introduce new weapons or are modifying them. We, therefore, prefer to concentrate on the balance between the skills of the new Operators and the weapons already present to make everything work in the best possible way”.

On these pages, Giovanni Calgaro has produced an exhaustive in-depth card on the news of the Third Season of Rainbow Six Siege, with a focus on the skills of Amaru and Goyo and on the changes made by Ubisoft Montreal in the competitive progression of multiplayer levels.