Super Mario Sunshine Today Celebrates 17 Years Since Its Launch in the USA

Super Mario Sunshine

On 26 August 2002 Nintendo launched in North America Super Mario Sunshine for GameCube, a title released in Japan in mid-July and immediately warmly received by audiences and critics. Sunshine marks Mario’s return to the 3D platforming world after the incredible success of Super Mario 64 in 1996.

Born from the ashes of the never-released Super Mario 64 2 (while the Super Mario 128 demo will be used to give life to Super Mario Galaxy) the game is presented with a short trailer at Nintendo Space World 2001 , Super Mario Sunshine will unfortunately not be able to go out together at the GameCube and the role of the flagship game will be covered by Luigi’s Mansion, recently re-proposed on Nintendo 3DS.

Super Mario Sunshine is published in summer 2002 in Japan and North America and in autumn of the same year in Europe. Critics welcome Shigeru Miyamoto’s new game, as well as the public, even if the sales will be much lower than those of Super Mario 64, reaching around five million copies, against the predecessor’s more than eleven million.

The legacy of the game has not been lost and according to some rumors Nintendo is preparing to unveil a remake / remaster of Super Mario Sunshine for Switch while others focus on the possible announcement of a DLC to you for Super Mario Odyssey. In any case, wishes Super Mario Sunshine!