The eSport Goes on TV: The Ballers Series With the Rock Turns to League of Legends

Rock Turns to League of Legends

You have probably already heard, or already seen, Ballers: the sports-themed HBO series starring the good Dwayne ” The Rock ” Johnson (aka Spencer Strasmore). The colossus plays the role of a manager/attorney of young promising Miami Dolphins. At the moment there are four seasons aired.

However, with the fifth and last season, the protagonist will give more than an eye to eSport. In a teaser trailer for the new season that debuted in the US last night, it is possible to glimpse Charles Greane, a former NFL player played by Omar Miller, who wants to become a professional player at all costs.

The last season of the show, in short, will focus on eSports and League of Legends. In the teaser, it is always possible to see the headquarters of Riot Games in a frame. Fans will also see some well-known players and teams: Liquid Team and Splyce are among the teams present and even Rick Fox must have had a short cameo in the series.

The intent of the network and showrunners seems to be very clear: to involve sports enthusiasts (and NFL in particular) and let them know the novelty of “competitive gaming” through a very traditional instrument like that of a television series.

The initiative is commendable, especially now that the debate on violence and the easy use of firearms in the United States has brought video games into play precisely as a tool that encourages and incites violence.