Vader Immortal Episode II: Let’s Learn How to Use the Force and Explore Mustafar!

Vader Immortal Episode II

A large number of Star Wars-themed information comes directly from D23. In addition to the publication of the Star Wars poster The Rise of Skywalker, there are also interesting details about Vader Immortal.

During the event, in fact, the ILMxLAB team organized a panel entirely dedicated to the presentation of the second episode of the adventure in Virtual Reality. So new information on Vader Immortal: Episode II has been shared with the public, along with some intriguing concept art, which you can view directly at the bottom of this news.

We learn so that in the new chapter of Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series, new exciting adventures await us. Among these, the possibility of exploring the ways of the Force, to which we will be introduced by the Lord of the Sith! Once satisfied with our level of learning, we will begin our journey to the Corvax Fortress, deep within Mustafar. The structure, says Matt Martin (Lucasfilm Story Group creative executive) ” contains what could be the key to something Vader has been looking for for at least two decades. Something his master, Palpatine, had promised him but never handed him“. Among the dangers that we will encounter along our way, an unpublished creature, partly inspired by the Rancor and known as” Darkghast “. Finally, it was highlighted how the Lightsaber Dojo II will allow us to master the use of the lightsaber e, together, the arts of Strength.