Apex Legends: the dataminers discover the skills of Immortal, the Resuscitator

Apex Legends

The Apex Legends data miner continues to browse through the most hidden pages of the Respawn battle royale code and, after unveiling the abilities of Gibraltar’s enemy Tank Jericho, they discover Immortal’s special equipment and moves, a Legend that should counterbalance Lifeline.

According to the data extracted from the inactive code of Apex Legends by the data miner and creator of content on YouTube known as That1MiningGuy (the same one who discovered the skills of the Crafter Nomad and the Gunner Rampart ), Immortal is described as a sort of Medical Resuscitator specialized in reconstruction of the shields and defenses of the members of their team (and of their own).

According to the leaked files, in fact, Immortal will stick to its high-sounding name through a passive ability that will allow it to revive itself after being shot down, but only after having filled the Ultimate energy bar. Wearing the clothes of this Legend, users should also have access to the Tactical ability, with which to launch a cloud of nanorobots that can regenerate their team’s shields or affect those of nearby enemies , and especially the Ultimate Rise of the Phoenix , through which to restore health and shields of your own character and closest teammates with cures that last for 30 seconds .

If confirmed, these rumours would give way to Lifeline enthusiasts to have a second character with medical skills, albeit with substantial differences represented by the type of care offered and the approach used in battle to intervene to defend their friends. What do you think of Immortal and his abilities as a Medical Resuscitator? Would you gladly interpret it to fight on the Kings Canyon map?