Ashen Is No Longer Exclusive to Microsoft: The Soulslike Will Arrive on PS4, Switch, Steam and GOG


The upper echelons of Annapurna Interactive confirm the conclusion of the Microsoft exclusive on Ashen: after having made the joy of soulslike enthusiasts on Windows 10 and Xbox One PCs, the evocative Aurora44 roleplaying action will also land on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and on Steam PC store and GOG.

To further underline the concept, Annapurna’s YouTube channel curators have put together a video that sets December 9th as the launch date for PCs and consoles of Ashen’s new versions.

The arrival on PS4, Switch, Steam and GOG of the soulslike of the New Zealand developers has caught many observers by surprise, especially in relation to the support given by Microsoft to the authors of Ashen both in terms of promotion (with three appearances in as many E3 conferences and several previews and demos during the past Gamescom fairs), both from a purely economic and design point of view, with the entry of the title in the ID @ Xbox program .

The same Derek Bradley, as creative director of Aurora44, said in July of last year that he did not have any Switch or PS4 version of Ashen in the program and that he wanted to concentrate exclusively on the expanded Xbox platform that includes Windows 10 PCs and, precisely, Xbox One.