Astral Chain for Nintendo Switch: The Legions Fight in the Spectacular Launch Trailer

Astral Chain: Half an Hour of Explosive Action in the Gameplay Video of the Nintendo Treehouse

In the Astral Chain launch trailer packaged by the authors of Platinum Games, the authorities of the Ark invite the Legions to go into battle against the extraterrestrial invaders of the Chimeras to show the whole world what they are made of.

To shape the sci-fi universe of Astral Chain, the Osaka software house has put all its creative energies at the bottom with the ambition to offer the lucky user of Nintendo’s hybrid console one of the best action in recent years.

The aim of the Japanese authors, judging by the enthusiastic tones of the first reviews published by the international videogame press, seems to have been reached in full : in fact the merits of the work include the graphic and artistic sector, the depth of the combat system and the meticulous care taken by the team directed by Takahisa Taura in dealing with the infinite content elements that permeate the work.

Without delay, we leave you in the company of the video above and we remind you that the release of Astral Chain is scheduled for the next 30 August, strictly exclusively on Nintendo Switch.