COD Modern Warfare: The Engine Will Adapt to the Next-Gen; Hand-Animated Weapons From the Team


The COD saga is about to make its return to the gaming market with the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the next installation of the famous franchise.

With the release approaching, Infinity Ward gave an interesting interview to the Game Informer editorial staff, during which several aspects of production were discussed. In particular, Michal Drobot, Principal Rendering Engineer, offered interesting evaluations on the new engine developed by the software house and used in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The Infinity Ward technician pointed out that his design was initiated from a long-term perspective so that he could ” adapt and excel in the future “. The team, therefore, focused on creating a malleable tool, even if ” Obviously ” – he says – “, the team verifies that it has adopted ” the best approach for specific hardware “. In this perspective, Drobot points out,” we are very confident in the ability of our engine to adapt to any future hardware “.

During an additional interview, an interesting detail emerged concerning the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare process. The game’s Animation Director, Mark Grisby, has revealed that the team has hand-crafted all the weapon-related animations!