Deep Down: The Capcom Game Will Be Announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2019?

Deep Down

Despite having received support and aroused the interest of many players in his announcement dating back to February 2013, Deep Down, Capcom’s action-RPG initially planned on PlayStation 4, has completely disappeared from the radar for several years now.

The reasons for the prolonged silence of the Osaka company have never been disclosed, and all we knew to date is that the Deep Down brand would expire in 2020, except for further renewals by the Japanese publisher.

But to rekindle the hopes here is a new trademark registered by CapcomShinsekai: Into the Depths is the title of a product not yet presented by the company, which however would seem to refer to Deep Down’s own. The most suspicious is the subtitle ” Into the Depths “, thematically very close to the name of the “vaporware” for PS4. 
It is also interesting to note how the new trademark appeared online just a few days before the start of the Tokyo Game Show 2019: that the Japanese fair is the right place to bring out the name of Deep Down in a completely renewed guise?

Naturally, we advise you to take the news with due caution, since for the moment it is a matter of simple rumors and speculations. Certainly, should it really re-propose Deep Down, Capcom would make several users happy who at the announcement of the game remained extremely impressive from the potential that seemed to permeate the action-RPG project.