Fable 4 for PC, Xbox One and Scarlett Will Be Announced at the X019 Fan Fest in November?

No E3 for Fable 4, Microsoft Calls for Patience: Will It Be Announced in the Coming Months?

The recent statements by Aaron Greenberg on the surprises that await us during the X019 Fan Fest have rekindled the hopes of those who, looking to the future of Xbox Scarlett and the last part of the Xbox One life cycle, are looking forward to seeing the official announcement of Fable 4.

The manager of Microsoft at the head of the marketing department of Xbox said he was certain that during the Fan Fest that will take place in London during the month of November there will be “a great show” with “lots of surprises planned”.

Although the focus of the event should be the video games released on Windows 10 and Xbox One PCs between the end of 2019 and the spring of 2020 , the media showcase offered by X019 should be too tempting not to be exploited with the presentation, also through a simple teaser trailer or with a short film in cinematics, of the new chapter of Fable.

Fans of the iconic fantasy saga born from the volcanic mind of Peter Molyneux, therefore, wonder how many chances there are for the announcement at the end of the year of Fable 4 during the London X019: in presenting the episode of Inside Xbox that will be broadcast in mid-November, in fact, Greenberg himself went so far as to define it as “the most significant that has ever been organized” . Of all the video games that could be announced during the British show, also, for this reason, the next episode of Fable is one of the most dreamed of by the Xbox fan community.

The head of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty, offered us some important clues in this regard, inviting us to be patient for Fable 4. And what expectations do you have for the November X019 Fan Fest? Do you believe that the London show can really be the site of the official announcement of the new Fable? Let us know with a comment.