Fortnite: A Leak Reveals That the 10.20 Patch Will Arrive Today

Fortnite 9.10: When Will the New Update Be Released?

Due to a small mistake made by Fortnite Battaglia Reale’s official German page, the day of the next game patch was finally unveiled, which will take it to version 10.20.

According to the screens published by some data miner of the message, immediately canceled by Epic Games, the update 10.20 will be published today, 27 August 2019. Being a real patch and not just a simple content update, the servers will need short maintenance that will start at 10:00 am (GMT +2) and, as always, we can’t know how much everything will return to normal.

To find out all the updates of the update, which will probably introduce a new Slit Zone in the vicinity of Palmeto Paradisiaco, it will be necessary to wait for the beginning of the maintenance, when the developers will officially publish the changelog and the data miner will get to work on the new files of game.

In the meantime, do we remind you that Epic Games has published a mysterious message in which you see an image with the Visitor of Fortnite, which is about to return with the new update? Recently the Girosphere in Fortnite has also returned thanks to the arrival of a new limited-time mode.