Fortnite: Does a Mysterious Tweet Anticipate the Return of the Visitor?


One of the most mysterious characters in the Fortnite Battaglia Reale universe is surely the Visitor, skin that made its debut in Season 4 of the Epic Games title and that came with the big meteorite that destroyed Muffio Warehouse.

However, in Season X all the events were turned upside down and the meteorite is still suspended in the skies of the battle royale. However, it is not to be excluded that sooner or later the huge object could crash into another place on the map and, to provoke such a disaster, it could be precisely the Visitor. The developers have in fact published a mysterious tweet in which we see the character’s helmet with the BRUTO mech being assembled on reflection, which suggests that he is the creator of the hated vehicle of this season.

What is something going to happen in the next few days? To find out, unfortunately, we will have to wait for the next update, when the data miner will be able to steal as always some additional information on upcoming game events.