Fortnite: The New Bubble Shield Comes With the Next Update

Fortnite: The New Bubble Shield

Fortnite is ready to welcome a new update. We do not yet know when it will be published, but according to a leak the arrival date would be set for today, August 27th. While waiting for a confirmation, the guys at Epic Games showed us what they have in store for players …

The Fortnite 10.20 update will introduce a new object, the Shield Bubble. What is it? The description given in the new welcome message is unmistakable: “This bubble is not at all easy to burst. Protect yourself against bullets with this protective dome”. Thanks to it, therefore, players will be able to protect themselves temporarily from the gusts of enemies. It remains only to discover what the shield will look like in the game.

What else can we expect from the most famous battle royale on the square? In all probability, soon the Visitor will return, a costume that made its debut in Season 4 after the meteor crash. After all, Fortnite Season 10 is none other than a celebration of the last two years of the game. Meanwhile, the famous Ninja has lined up against President Donald Trump stating that Fortnite and Minecraft are not willing games.