Fortnite Update 10.20: News for Battle Royale, Save the World and Creative Mode

Fortnite 10

In addition to having unveiled the Fortnite x Borderlands crossover event, Epic Games has now also released the changelog for the 10.20 patch, arriving late this morning today, Tuesday 27 August, after the usual weekly maintenance operations.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Bubble shield 
This is a bubble that will not burst easily. Take cover under this invulnerable dome with bullets and explosives!

Fortnite Creative Mode

Pandora Construction Set 
Play your favorite Pandora setting! In the near future, Fortnite will have a Pandora-themed neighborhood: make sure you send and share your creations. It is part of the Fortnite X Caos collaboration.

Arid Island 
A desert-themed canyon with high peaks and jagged rocks, inspired by the desert area of ​​Pandora on the Battlefield map.

New ways to let your players know what’s going on, thanks to the addition of the Speaker Device and the Message Device interface.

Power on! 
Let your players explore the map’s twists and turn with the Torch and Torch Gun.

Fortnite Save the World

Series of assignments The long road to home 
Past and future collide in an adventure full of temporal upheavals … Help Ray, Dennis, and Lars make their way in these difficult times.

picks Get ready to collect in style while the picks make their way to the cabinet.

Sound wall trap 
Make the abjects dance and distract you from attacking! Use the new wall sound trap to make the abjects dance at will!

At the moment Fortnite is offline for maintenance, the servers should be operational again in the late morning and only then will the rollout of the new update begin, which will be completed by 15:00 (GMT +2).