Fumito Ueda, father of The Last Guardian, reveals new details about his new game

Fumito Ueda, father of The Last Guardian

In an interview given to Polygon’s microphones, Fumito Ueda returned to discuss the mysterious new project on which the dad of peculiar video games such as ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian is working together with his team in recent months.

As we have already reported before, GenDesign, the software company headed by Ueda, had signed an agreement with the global fund Kowloon Nights for the financing of its next videoludic project. It is a partnership that does not place creative limits on the developers, but rather grants them a multitude of privileges and freedoms that allow them to work in complete serenity and autonomy until they are ready to contact the most important publishers to prepare the ground for marketing. of the product:

“We are providing funding to help developers create their games, helping them up to the point where they are ready to establish new partnerships beyond what Kowloon Nights can offer. We provide team funding to allow them to focus on the game they want to play. When the time is ripe, we help them find that perfect partner if they want to go beyond self-publishing. “

As Ueda specifies, GenDesign has spent the last year working on different prototypes based on different ideas, before continuing with the final project: “This long period has been useful and we are making very positive progress, says Ueda. “I believe this project will show both unexpected and familiar elements” A work context that, moreover, allows GenDesign to focus solely on the content and refinement of gameplay mechanics:

Ueda has, in fact, explained how, presenting immediately an original project to the biggest publishers, it often ends up wasting excessive time and energy in the aesthetic and graphic presentation of the game, so that we can positively impress our potential financiers.