Judgment: Excellent Sales in the West, Sega Is Already Thinking About the Sequel


During a recent interview, SEGA expressed all its satisfaction with the financial results achieved in the West thanks to Judgment, the spin-off of the Yakuza series capable of cleverly combining pyrotechnic action and investigative elements.

“From our point of view, Judgment has exceeded expectations regarding the Western market, they have been really positive”, the statements of Daisuke Saito to the Spanish portal Meristation.

Having ascertained the potential of the title, the Japanese company is now going to get to work to make it a real series: “As a team, we would like to continue working on new games set in the Judgment series”. 
The announcement of a new chapter does not seem to be something imminent, considering how recent the SEGA title is. However, those who appreciated this introductory chapter will certainly be happy to know that the publisher has no intention of abandoning the IP.

We remind readers that Judgment is now available exclusively on PlayStation 4. In addition to doing well in the West, the game has also left its mark in Japan, especially after the scandal linked to the arrest of actor Pierre Taki.