Leak of Apex Legends: Here Are the Skills of Jericho, the New Tank Enemy of Gibraltar

Apex Legends

Using the numerous clues left by Respawn in the folds of the Apex Legends code, EA’s battle royale data miners are revealing a wealth of information on what will presumably be the next Legends coming up with future free shooter updates.

After offering us some succulent advances on the equipment elements and powers of the Crafter Nomad , the Gunner Rampart and the stealth “ninja” Blackout, the amateur programmers who delight in the Apex Legends datamining claim to have stumbled on the secret card of a certain Jericho , a Legend described as a real Tank of dimensions and features similar to those of Gibraltar .

To want to pay attention to the data miner, Jericho’s shortlist of skills should include a ballistic shield with a dual function : if challenged, it will give the user the opportunity to protect himself from frontal shocks, while choosing not to equip him will activate a passive ability that will deflect the bullets enemies behind the Legend.

Jericho’s Ultimate, on the other hand, seems to be much more original, represented by a double explosive charge that will go to the opponent, in turn, to damage it by piercing its shields with the help of two electric darts. As for the Nomad, Rampart and Blackout leaks, even with regards to Jericho, we do not know if the inactive data contained in the Apex Legends code will be used by Respawn to give shape to the next characters that can be interpreted by the fans of Electronic Arts battle royale.