Microsoft, Greenberg Confirms: No More First Party Study Titles on Other Platforms

xbox game studio

Recently, Microsoft has acquired many new studies, some of which are working on multi-platform projects. These include Double Fine, engaged with Psychonauts 2, and Obsidian Entertainment, which is developing The Outer Worlds: both will be released on the platforms initially announced.

Microsoft’s plans, in any case, are set to change: with an official statement released during Gamescom, Redmond’s top management announced that the studies recently acquired by the house will not develop new platform games. The American company seems really convinced since in a recent interview granted to the colleagues of Twinfinite the head of marketing Aaron Greenberg reiterated the same intentions. To the interviewer’s specific question “If in the future a studio would come to you with a game that could be suitable for multiple platforms, do you think Microsoft would allow it?” , Greenberg replied: “Our internal studios are committed to developing games for our platforms, Xbox and PC. We have several teams working on exclusive first-party games, and we have no intention of changing plans, “ he said.

After that, he added: “What excites me most is the fact that we have acquired eight new studios, and each of them is working on more than one project. There will be so many games coming out on Xbox, and I believe that fans will be really happy, more than they have been in Xbox history. It’s really exciting. ” What do you think of Microsoft’s strategy? No change, however, with regard to cross-play, which will continue to be regularly supported.