Nintendo 3DS and Wii U: From September You Will No Longer Be Able to Use Credit Cards

Nintendo 3DS

With a message published on its social media channels, Nintendo has officially confirmed that starting in September, 3DS and Wii U European users will no longer be able to add funds to their eShop account via credit card.

News that could upset those players accustomed to transfer their money with this method, and who from now on will have to consider the possibility of buying eShop cards, available both in digital and physical versions, and very similar in use to the cards offered by the PlayStation, Xbox, iTunes, and others.

In addition to the discontent that could generate between users, Nintendo’s announcement seems to lead the two consoles towards the sunset avenue. As for Wii U, its production has now ceased since the beginning of 2017, while Nintendo 3DS is quietly moving away from the priorities of the Kyoto company, now completely focused on supporting Switch and its new models. While it is true that on a formal level it has been reiterated several times that Switch Lite will not be the successor of 3DS but only a portable variant of the major console, it appears quite clear how the great N wants to embrace the home console market and handheld platforms solely with the Switch brand.