Nintendo Switch Lite: Some Impressions of Build Quality Emerge

Nintendo Switch Lite

A salesman from an unspecified New York store got his hands on Nintendo Switch Litethanks to a stock that arrived early and took advantage of the opportunity to share his impressions of Reddit.

The first impressions on the console seem to be positive, Nintendo Switch Lite is made of good quality plastic and even the assembly is solid and robust, making it in no way think of an economic product and indeed giving back a feeling typical of premium end products higher.

As for the controls, the D-Pad seems to have a similar feeling to the directional cross of the Pro Controller, but it is more precise. Backbones and triggers have not undergone any changes of any kind while the ABXY buttons appear more biting, on the contrary, the harder analog levers than the standard Switch model.

Nintendo Switch Lite will be available in Japan, Europe, and North America from September 20 (simultaneously with The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening) at a price of $199 in the US and €219 in Europe, in November there will also be a Limited Edition dedicated to Pokemon Sword and Shield, with a personalized console and exclusive bundle with game and accessories included.