PlayStation Hong Kong Anticipates the Announcement of the Mega Man Zero/Zx Legacy Collection

Mega Man Zero/Zx

As reported by Gematsu, PlayStation Store Hong Kong has unveiled the existence of the Mega Man Zero / ZX Legacy Collection, a new collection dedicated to the famous Capcom mascot. At the moment the game was not officially announced by the publisher.

According to reports, the collection will include Mega Man Zero 1/2/3/4, Mega Man ZX and ZX Advent in one package, with release scheduled for January 21st, 2020 on PS4 / PS4 PRO and presumably also PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, as happened with previous Mega Man games.

This is the synopsis reported on the PlayStation Store: ” Mega Man Zero / ZX Legacy Collection brings together six classic titles in one game: Mega Man Zero 1, 2, 3, and 4, as well as Mega Man ZX and ZX Advent. In addition to the original games, this package includes an artwork gallery, music player, special filters, and much more … Casual Scenario Mode and a Save-feature feature are available for those who like to enjoy their own story. their hand at the new Z Chaser Mode leaderboard-based, an exclusive new mode created just for this set of games. “

We look forward to any announcements from Capcom, a confirmation could arrive this weekend from PAX West or at the Tokyo Game Show in September.