Pokemon Masters: Announced the First Special Limited Time Events!


Very little is left to the publication of Pokemon Masters, a new mobile game dedicated to Pokemon fans, born from a collaboration between The Pokemon Company and DeNA.

While waiting for the release, interesting information about the title arrives, through the dedicated video that you can find at the beginning of this news. To introduce it is the Pokemon Masters Producer, Yu Sasaki, who presents the ” Pokemon Masters News ” format to the public. Inside the video, details about the narrative context of the title are reiterated, which will take the player to the Artificial Island of Pasio, on which the Pokemon Masters League takes place. In this context, the Coach and his Pokemon Partner make up a Sync Pair: Pikachu will be the protagonist’s companion Pokemon.

Ample space is dedicated to the future events of Pokemon Masters. We, therefore, discover that the game will host special limited-time events, which will accompany the main events of which we will be protagonists in the game. In particular, we will see ” Story Events “, which will lead us to challenge Sync Pair that haven’t joined us yet, to get special rewards. During the event, further missions will be available, which will bring us additional prizes. The first of these has already been announced: on 2 September (11.00 pm PDT) the ” Reach for the Top ” event will start, which will remain active until September 29th (10.59 pm PDT).

Sasaki also announced the ” Launch Celebration ” event that will celebrate the launch of the game. This will start at 11.00 pm PDT on August 28th and will end at 10.59 pm PDT on October 16th. A long period of celebrations that will bring numerous bonuses and missions. 

In short, the title is not yet available, but there is already a rich calendar of events for Pokemon Masters. we remind you that the game will debut on August 29th and that the preregistrations to Pokemon Masters have already exceeded five million!