Rainbow Six Siege Playable for Free for a Limited Time on PC, PS4, Xbox One: The Details

Rainbow Six Siege

The Ubisoft team announced an interesting initiative dedicated to Rainbow: Six Siege. For a limited time, in fact, the title can be played for free: here are all the details.

The initiative is called ” Free Week ” and will be available with different timing and methods depending on the game platform:

  • PC version: the initiative starts at 13:00 UTC on August 28th and ends at 20:00 UTC on September 4th. To access the Free Week it will be necessary to start Uplay;
  • Xbox One version: the initiative starts on August 28th at 08:01 UTC and ends at 07:59 UTC on September 4th. Access will be limited to Xbox Live Gold users;
  • Version Playstation 4: “Free Week” kicks off at 13:00 UTC on August 28th and lasts until the same time as September 4th;

For the entire duration of the initiative, players who will be able to take part will have the opportunity to try Rainbow Six Siege for free. The version of the game available will include the entire game, with all the maps, operators and title modes. During “Free Week”, users will be able to play both with players who already own Rainbow Six Siege and with other participants in the initiative. 

Recently, Ubisoft has made available new information on Amaru and Goyo and released a video dedicated to Goyo’s explosive shield.