Red Dead Redemption Remaster for PC: A Team of Modders Is Working on It!


Released in 2010 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Red Dead Redemption was never released on PC and the same fate could touch the sequel, the acclaimed Red Dead Redemption 2, not yet announced for the Windows platform.

Hence the idea of ​​a team of modders, namely to work on a Remaster version of the game based on the PlayStation 3 version emulated with Xenia /RPCS3. The developers are working to improve various aspects of the game, as shown by the first screenshots found at the bottom of the news.

The numerous graphics mods in development will then be added to the console edition made to run on PC via emulators. In the past, many other modders had launched into the company, only to give up following insurmountable problems such as unstable framerate and difficult interface management.

Red Dead Redemption Damned Enhancement Project has not been authorized by Rockstar and Take-Two and the two companies could intervene to block the project, the authors are aware of this risk and have declared that in the event of an explicit request they will immediately stop the work.