Sony discontinued PS4 production in Brazil after the price cut


According to what was declared by the Brazilian colleagues of the MenuPS4 portal, on August 26 Sony officially stopped the production of PlayStation 4 in Brazil. The news came immediately after the price cut by the Japanese company at the console, PlayStation VR and its accessories.

From now on, gamers from the South American country will be able to buy PlayStation 4 at a price of 2399 real (around 519 euros) instead of 2599 real (about 562 euros). Extremely high figures for our standards, but not for Brazilian ones, where the console has always had a very high cost. The cut was made possible by the lowering of taxes imposed on Sony by the Brazilian Federal Government.

Why did the Japanese company even decide to stop the production of PlayStation 4 and other devices in Brazil? At the moment there is no official information available on the matter, but according to MenuPS4, the reasons should be sought in the reduction of taxes. Probably, now it is much better for Sony to import the console from abroad, rather than produce it locally.

About the console: did you know that PS4 has reached 100 million units distributed all over the world?