Star Citizen: Organized a Very Expensive Dinner to Announce a New Ship

Star Citizen Development Problems Due To Poor Money Management

The recent initiative of the developers of Star Citizen, the space simulator that has collected an incredible amount of funds on Kickstarter, is being discussed a lot.

In fact, it seems that Cloud Imperium Games Corporation has given the opportunity to a small circle of players to participate in a dinner on August 24, 2019, in Frankfurt, Germany. Tickets to attend the event, which cost about $270, not only allowed them to take part in the expensive dinner but also to attend the presentation of a new ship as exclusive as it was expensive. Let’s talk about the Aegis Nautilus Solstice Limited Edition, a $675 item which includes lifetime insurance, a hangar, a unique serial number and a Nautilus Solstice skin in the package. To make some users furious is the fact that the whole event not only required an amount of money not to be underestimated but also that the spacecraft in question can only be booked and is not currently available within the game. In short, we are talking about the preorder of a “virtual luxury object”.

We remind you that recently there was the talk of problems with the development of Star Citizen, probably due to poor management of the funds by the team.