The authors of Clash Royale present Rush Wars, an arcade strategy for iOS and Android


Strengthened by the extraordinary success achieved with Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, the Finnish developers of Supercell officially present their new mobile blockbuster, Rush Wars.

The new Supercell arcade strategy will soon arrive on iOS and Android systems and promises to merge the playful experience of the best one-click management systems with tower defense, two incredibly popular genres among video game enthusiasts for smartphones and tablets.

In Rush Wars, the purpose of the users is to set up an army and lead it into battle by launching it to attack mines, fortresses and resource deposits of enemy factions. The treasures taken from the enemy can be reinvested in upgrades for their troops and in improvements for the base, with the typical progression and repetition of content and play that has always distinguished this type of video game for mobile systems.

The release of Rush Wars should take place over the next few weeks on the App Store and Google Play. The Supercell authors, however, count to precede the launch of the title with the launch of a phase of Beta testingthat, for the moment, would seem to be aimed only at fans of strategic arcades that live in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.