The Dota 2 Champions the International Have Won More Money Than Djokovic and Tiger Woods

The Dota 2

Doo 10 days of intense battles, the OG team won the DOTA 2: The International tournament: for the first time in the history of the competition, a team managed to defend the title won the previous year.

As widely announced, the prize money was very high: overall, OG brought home the beauty of 15.6 million dollars or 3.1 million dollars for each player. An incredible amount of money, more than 3 million earned by Bugha, the 16-year-old Fortnite World Cup winner in the Solo category, and also by the prizes won by some of the biggest stars of world sport at the end of the recent competitions in which they took part. Wimbledon 2019 tennis players, Novak Djokovic and Simona Halep, earned $ 2.9 million apiece. Even the Indianapolis 500 champion, Simon Pagenaud, did not go beyond the 2.9 million dollars, while after the victory of the 2019 Masters the golfer Tiger Woods has put in his pocket 2.09 million dollars.

It must be said, in any case, that the aforementioned sportsmen have the opportunity to participate in many more high-level events during the year, therefore they can put in their pockets, overall, more money. This, however, does not in any way diminish the world of eSports, which has reached a very high level despite continuing to be undervalued by a certain fringe of the general public.