Yoko Taro: Will the Author of Nier Automata Announce His New Game Soon?

Yoko Taro

Following the publication of the acclaimed NieR AutomataYoko Taro has raised its reputation exponentially within the gaming industry. After having experienced the adventures of YoHRa 2B, there are many players who can’t wait to get their hands on the new game the brilliant and eccentric director is secretly working on.

As usual, talking between the serious and the facetious, Taro and the inseparable Yosuke Saito could have disseminated a new clue that would seem to anticipate the imminent announcement of a new project. This is the nice conversation between the two during a recent interview that appeared in the latest issue of Jump / Famitsu:

Saito: “So, what’s your new game about?”

Taro: “Uh, actually it wouldn’t be up to me to say …”

Saito: “Well, I think you can tell us something more the next time we do this.”

Declarations, those of Saito, who instill a lot of curiosity in the fans: will we have to wait for the next interview on behalf of Jump / Famitsu, or is Taro already ready to reveal the first details of the game during the Tokyo Game Show 2019? To find out, we just have to arm ourselves with patience and continue to wait hopefully. Some rumors that emerged in recent months, in any case, suggested that a high-budget sequel to NieR Automata was already under development.