Aladdin and the Lion King HD Remaster Announced at the Gamestop Expo!

Aladdin and the Lion King HD Remaster

The GameStop Expo (event reserved for chain managers) is proving to be full of surprises not only thanks to the gameplay of The Last of Us 2 but also to the announcement of Disney’s Aladdin & The Lion King HD Remaster.

Aladdin was released in 1993 on Super Nintendo and Mega Drive while The Lion Kingsaw the light the following year, in both cases they are two of the best tie-ins ever based on Disney movies. As reported by the insider Wario64 and from a source close to Gematsu, the two games will run in original resolution or at 1080p Full HD with the ability to select the preferred resolution from the menu. Confirmed the presence of the original soundtrack and the Fast Forward and Rewind options to send the time forward or back so as to more easily overcome some sections.

The Disney’s Aladdin & The Lion King HD Remaster collection will be released this fall on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch with GameStop pre-orders starting August 28, at least for the United States. At the moment there is still no official announcement on the subject, so we are waiting to see a trailer, the first screenshots and to know new details about this interesting project.