Apex Legends: A Leak Reveals a New Rifle, the Crypto Artwork and the Halloween Skins


To confirm some of the numerous information published by the Apex Legends data miner in the last few days are some interesting photographs taken during what appears to be a presentation behind closed doors of the next news.

During this event, someone took three different screenshots showing us a Cryptoartwork (probably the one that will appear on the main screen of the game), an image of the Shotgun and what appears to be the inspired Gibraltar skin to the Frankenstein monster, probably coming with the Halloween event. Of the three shots, the most interesting is surely the one that shows us the “definitive” aspect of Crypto, which can only confirm its list of finished skills on the web in the last hours. Some of his abilities involve a drone, visible right behind him.

Here are Crypto’s possible abilities:

  • Primary Ability: Aerial Drone – Crypto launches a remote-controlled drone that lasts 40 seconds and has a range of 200 meters. This small object can hack doors, seal containers and interact with dead boxes and can be destroyed
  • Passive Ability: Neuro Link – Crypto and its allies see everything the drone intercepts within a 30-meter radius
  • Ultimate: Weapon Drone EMP – An explosion that comes from the drone that causes damage to shields, slows down enemies and disables all traps

Waiting to find out if all this content will arrive with Season 3 or with an update in the coming weeks, we remind you that Respawn Entertainment has announced the arrival of a themed event dedicated to Wraith.