Apex Legends: First Details on Season 3, an Area Dedicated to Wraith Coming?


The Iron Crown event of Apex Legends, which saw a new area of ​​the map and the Solo time mode arrive between the news, has just ended and the developers have published a long post on the official website to reveal what the approach with the contents of the next season.

As for the debut of Season 3, Respawn does not seem to want to leave much behind what happened with the previous ones, showing the willingness to accompany the launch of the third Battle Pass with a new hero, new weapons and objects and changes to the balance. In the message, we also talked about the upcoming limited-time events, which will continue to offer not only exclusive aesthetic contents but also modes like the one seen in Corona di Ferro. Among the new arrivals, we also find permanent changes to Octane’s Gauntlet-style game map. Unfortunately, we will have to wait a little longer before discovering the details of the next event, which is scheduled to arrive in October 2019.

Finally, there will be some themed events similar to the Legendary Hunt, which will include apex chests containing unique items for personalization and may even be accompanied by the aforementioned changes to the map. In this regard, the development team let slip that with the next themed event, scheduled for the month of September, a new area in the Canyon of the Kings could be entirely dedicated to Wraith, the protagonist of the mini-event. Since this type of places of interest aims to reveal the personality of the legend, we wonder how it can be the one dedicated to the crazy heroine able to create portals.

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