Apex Legends: The Competitive Struggles, Do the First Organizations Leave?

Apex Legends: The Competitive Struggles

The 100 Thieves have definitively closed their Apex Legends experience, after the disappointing performances and the lack of a real competitive scene. On the roster were Justin “Teenage” Phipps, Isiaih “Lifted” Slowik and Justin “JP2” Pate.

Nadeshot’s organization, which also includes Drake as a co-owner, was one of many organizations that jumped at the opportunity to recruit players after the huge success of Apex Legends.

The roster failed to succeed in the following months, despite finishing in tenth place in the FACEIT Pro Series, an eight-week tournament. Apex Legends, unfortunately, in addition to having suffered from an annoying lack of updates during the first few months, has also hosted only a handful of tournaments so far, demonstrating the initial lack of interest of EA and Respawn for the “competitive” part.

From the first few months, however, Respawn Entertainment has introduced custom lobbies. Only this addition has represented a huge step in the right direction for the development of the competitive part. The development team, however, has yet to officially announce a structured eSport championship.

It is true that Respawn and EA have announced a pre-season road map for Apex Legends: the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational just last month. The event, from 13 to 15 September, will feature 80 teams from around the world that will compete in Poland for a total prize pool of $500,000.