Astral Chain Hides a 16-Bit Style Minigame!

Astral Chain mini game

A Nintendo of America Tweet (which incorporates some messages from Game Director Takahisa Taura) has revealed the existence of a 16-bit style minigame hidden in the Astral Chain, the new Platinum Games exclusive.

” In Astral Chain I have hidden different types of secret missions and among these also a 16-bit style mini-game. I love it a lot because it allows you to feel healthy nostalgia while recovering your strength between one fight and another, I hope you can find it. “

These are the words of Taura, who did not want to reveal anything about the actual release of this bonus mini-game. According to what we learn from the Twitter profile of Nintendo of America, the game in question is called Lappy Balloon and the protagonist seems to be a police dog, unfortunately, we have no other details, surely we will know more when Astral Chain will reach the store shelves, the next 30 August.